Rates & Fees

    * Rates are anticipated and subject to change at any time without notice.

Loan Rates Share Rates Certificate Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: 8/1/2018
Certificate of Deposit
Minimum DepositTermsAPR*APY**
Share Certificates
$500 min6 months0.40%0.40%
12 months0.80%0.80%
24 months1.00%1.00%
JUMBO $50,000 OR MORE6 months0.50%0.50%
12 months0.90%0.90%
24 months1.10%1.10%
IRA certificates
$50012 months0.80%0.80%
24 months1.00%1.00%
36 months1.10%1.10%
60 months1.30%1.30%
Jumbo $50,000 or more12 months0.90%0.90%
24 months1.10%1.10%
36 months1.20%1.20%
60 months1.40%1.40%
RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME - penalties apply on early withdrawals
*Annual Percentage Rate
**Annual Percentage Yield